AWP Standing in London Mayoral, Assembly & Scottish Parliament Elections

AWP Standing in London Mayoral, Assembly & Scottish Parliament Elections

Animal Welfare Party is standing for the first time in the London Mayoral Election and in Lothian Region in the Scottish Parliament Elections which take place on 6th May. The party will also contest the London-wide Assembly Election for the second time.

In London, party leader, Vanessa Hudson is contesting the Mayoral Election and acting as Lead Candidate for AWP in the London-wide election. Sam Morland, Alex Bourke, Femy Amin, Mark Scott and Julian Weisman join on the party list.
“I’m standing because, as we emerge from the pandemic, I believe London can and must become a world-leading city – not only for people but for animals and the environment too.” says Vanessa.

In Scotland, AWP is contesting the Lothian Region. Vivienne Moir is AWP’s Lead Candidate while Gavin Ridley joins her on the party list.

“We are all a part of nature and we need to understand that the way we are exploiting the earth and our non -human species will have a severe impact on all our welfare. We need a fairer society for all and that includes human and non-human species.” says Vivienne.

Both campaigns will be mostly run on-line due to the pandemic with many voters expected to vote by post in the days preceding the election.

More information on AWP’s policies, candidates and campaign for London can be found at:

More information on AWP’s policies, candidates and campaign for Lothian can be found at:


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"The Animal Welfare Party puts animal protection high on the political agenda. We offer policies than benefit people, animals and the environment. If you think it's time animals had dedicated representatives in the EU Parliament, please support us today". Vanessa Hudson, Leader, Animal Welfare Party

6 Comments on "AWP Standing in London Mayoral, Assembly & Scottish Parliament Elections"

  • Joanne Humphreys says

    Wow. I’m so happy to hear there is now an Animal Welfare Party and the needs of non human species are being recognised. We are all equally important in the ecosystem.
    You will definitely be getting my vote 🤗

  • Alfie Murray says


    Just wondering if all representatives are vegan or plant-based?

    Kind regards,


  • Vanessa Hudson says

    Hi thank you for your question.

    Our 6 candidates for London are vegan.
    More at:

    Out two candidates for Lothian are plant-based.
    More at:

  • Clarissa says

    You got my first choice vote for London Mayor!


    I had never heard of your party until I had my ballot paper in had and I saw your name, after a quick google search I took a chance and voted for you…. I have now had a look at your ethos and im so glad I did. I hope you did well in Edinburgh – animals need a voice!

  • Vanessa Hudson says

    Thank you!

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