Our Candidates 2014 EU Elections

The 2014 EU Parliament elections take place on 22nd May 2014. 

Animal Welfare Party has a party list of 8 candidates for the London Region.

About Our Candidates  For London:

1.Vanessa Hudson is AWP’s Party Leader and a Producer / Director in the media industry.

Vanessa London 2






2.Alex Bourke is an Author and Publisher of the ‘Vegetarian Guides’ series of books.

Alex cc & crop 1







3.Kirsteen Williamson-Guinn is a Senior Leader in Financial Services.

Kirsteen CC and Crop 1







4.Dr. Andrew Knight is a Fellow of Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and a European Veterinary Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law.

Andrew Knight Colour Correct







5.Dimple Patel is a Senior Analyst in Investment Services. 

Dimple CC & Crop 1







6.Meg Mathews is a Designer and Animal Welfare Campaigner.

Meg Mathews colour correct and crop







7.Guy Dessoy is an Information Systems Manager.

Guy Dessoy







8.Ranjan Joshi is a Business Manager and Civil Engineer.

Ranjan Crop