2020 London Assembly Election

Update: As of 13.03.20, the London Elections have been postponed until May 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Animal Welfare Party in the London Elections, 7th May 2020

On 7th May 2020, elections for the London Mayor and the London Assembly will take place.
These are important elections, as they will determine how the city of over 8 million people is run over the next four years. But, here’s the thing. London isn’t home only to humans. It’s an ecosystem and a place that’s also ‘home’ to millions of animals – companion animals, wild animals, animals in laboratories. Unfortunately, the major parties give little consideration to the millions of animals that live in London and, often, little thought to how their policies will affect the lives of of non-human beings.

Animal Welfare Party’s vision is of a London that stands as a beacon to the world of animal and environmental-friendliness.

Animal Welfare Party intends to stand in the May elections to give a voice to all London’s inhabitants, human and non-human.

The London-wide Assembly Election

The London-wide Assembly election is held under a modified D’Hondt method of closed-list voting, a type of Proportional Representation.

Animal Welfare Party last contested the London-wide Assembly Election in 2016 with a party list of 5 candidates. We received 25,810 votes (1%). To win a seat in the London-wide Assembly election 5% of votes are needed.

AWP aims to stand in the the London-wide Assembly election again in 2020. In the London-wide Assembly election, it is possible for AWP to have a party list of up to 25 candidates.

AWP Members who would like to express interest in being a candidate on AWP’s party list for the London-wide Assembly Election, should read and complete this Expression of Interest form which also outlines the eligibility criteria for candidates. Expressions of Interest should be returned by midnight on Sunday 15th March 2020.