Current Elections

2017 General Election

Animal Welfare Party is delighted to announce four candidates contesting the 2017 General Election.

Professor Andrew Knight MANZCVS, DipECAWBM (AWSEL), DACAW, PhD, MRCVS, SFHEA is the AWP candidate for Maidenhead.










Vanessa Hudson, AWP Party Leader is the candidate for Hackney South and Shoreditch.











Jon Homan is the AWP candidate for Hackney North and Stoke Newington.









Laura McAnea is the AWP candidate for Lewisham Deptford.








AWP’s Key Policies for the 2017 General Election

  • Increase penalties for those convicted of animal abuse.
  • End the badger cull and oppose any repeal of the fox hunting ban.
  • Strengthen companion animal welfare with an end to breed specific legislation, the sale of animals online and in retail stores and the exotic pet trade.
  • Phase out farming practices and systems with poor welfare consequences for animals.
  • Improve human health, save NHS funds, protect the environment and global food security by promoting healthy plant-based diets.
  • Phase out animal experimentation with binding targets for reduction combined with proper funding & real support for alternatives.
  • Introduce independently monitored CCTV for all slaughterhouses.
  • End live animal export and all slaughter without prior stunning.
  • Oppose hard Brexit. Support a ratification referendum on the final exit deal.

AWP’s 2017 General Election Manifesto will be released shortly.

Please visit our Vision section to see previous manifestos.

We continue to fundraise at the link below so that we may produce enough election leaflets for every home in each of the constituencies being contested and, should we meet this goal, we aim to then produce additional posters and banners – to really help us get the message out.

The Animal Welfare Party volunteer team remains, as ever, extremely grateful for all donations.

You can also support us by becoming a member of AWP today.