Animal Welfare Party is entirely run by volunteers. We will shortly be recruiting more volunteers to help us with specific areas of our work by making a regular commitment over a fixed period. Please watch this space or see our emails to Members and Supporters for more information.

At the same time we are also in need of volunteers happy to work on an ad hoc basis in the areas below:

Ad hoc volunteering:

We’re in need of volunteers with experience in the areas below to work on an ad hoc basis:

  • Film-making / Video production – across the UK – ad hoc basis possible
  • Video editing – ad hoc basis possible
  • Content creation – ad hoc basis possible
  • Photography – across the UK – ad hoc basis possible
  • Graphic Design – ad hoc basis possible
  • Handing out leaflets – ad hoc basis possible
  • Stall volunteering – ad hoc basis possible


  • Can you help by distributing AWP leaflets in your local area and / or asking for permission to put them in your local veggie / vegan cafe, health food shop, yoga centre etc. – anywhere where like-minded people may be likely to see them. To request leaflets please contact:  membership@animalwelfareparty.org
  • Can you help spread the word by telling your friends about us?
  • If you prefer to help spread the word in a more low-key way, wearing our AWP branded merchandise or carrying an AWP branded tote bag can help catch the eye and be a great conversation starter. Find our more about our merchandise here.