AWP Celebrates 2021 Local Election Results

Animal Welfare Party is celebrating some of its best results to date in the London Mayoral and Assembly Elections and in Lothian Region in the Scottish Parliament Elections. 

In the London Mayoral Election, AWP’s Vanessa Hudson received 16,826 first preference votes and 63,619 second preference votes.

In the London-wide Assembly election, AWP stood a party list of six candidates and received 44,667 votes from across the capital (1.7% of the vote) – ranking seventh overall and gaining almost 19,000 more votes than the party received in this …

AWP Standing in London Mayoral, Assembly & Scottish Parliament Elections

Animal Welfare Party is standing for the first time in the London Mayoral Election and in Lothian Region in the Scottish Parliament Elections which take place on 6th May. The party will also contest the London-wide Assembly Election for the second time.

In London, party leader, Vanessa Hudson is contesting the Mayoral Election and acting as Lead Candidate for AWP in the London-wide election. Sam Morland, Alex Bourke, Femy Amin, Mark Scott and Julian Weisman join on the party list.

“I’m standing because, as we emerge from the …

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