Celebrity Support

 Meg Mathews 2  Meg Matthews “I’d like to see the Animal Welfare Party and their European counterparts succeed at the EU elections in May because this would really signal to the rest of the world that the way we treat animals has to and is changing for the better.”
 Twiggy Lawson, Model  Twiggy Lawson, Model “Millions of animals continue to be exploited every day for food, consumer products, so-called ‘sports’ or other forms of entertainment, and as models for human disease. Animals Count is committed to ending animal suffering through political action.”
 celia__Yorkie  Celia Hammond, Model “My support for the AWP is total and I’d like to do as much as I can to further their aims to give all animals status as sentient beings and to promote their right to protection and respect at all times.”
 Dr. Brian May, Musician Dr. Brian May, Musician “It is time for a full re-evaluation of our role on this planet. Nothing less will be enough. And it cannot be too soon. The time to start is now. I say this as a scientist and a human being. As a scientist, there is no proof available that we are more important than the rest of the sentient creatures on this planet. As a human being … in my heart, I know that the terrible indignities and pain suffered by these pitiful animals are unjustifiable in humanitarian terms. And do not tell me that the lives of our children depend on torturing these creatures. They have lied to you. They do not. I have all the evidence. And so does the new political party AWP, whose aims I support wholeheartedly.”
kate flare cal Kate Garner, Photographer and Singer “There are 7 billion and rising humans. We are consuming more animal products per person than ever before. This is leading to a rising holocaust for non-human people. and the willful destruction of our planet.There is undeniable video evidence of this cruelty everywhere. It cannot go on. The human race is not ‘superior’. Our belief that we are will destroy us. Is it possible that all species can have the same rights that the majority of humans take for granted? I believe it is. I believe that when we can fully recognise this, the human race will find peace and the planet can start repairing. If we keep greedily grabbing, I fear we will destroy ourselves and take many of the other species with us. “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”- Gandhi. I believe the AWP can help us achieve this and I am a 100% supporter.”
Nicholas Ball, Actor Nicholas Ball, Actor “I have long felt that until we begin to treat the animals that share our planet, both wild and domestic, with dignity and respect, we, as a species, will not evolve any further. If we can respect their right to existence, then, hopefully, we can learn to respect our own. Organizations that speak up for the rights of all other creatures have been badly needed. I believe, ‘Animals Count,’ helps to fill that void. They have my full support.”
Jane Goodall, Primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall, Primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace ”Animals Count is raising awareness and aiming to influence other political parties”
Peter Singer (Professor of Philosophy) Peter Singer (Professor of Philosophy) “The animals can’t vote. That’s why we need a political party that stands up for them.”
Marianne Thieme MP (Leader Dutch Party for the Animals) Marianne Thieme MP (Leader Dutch Party for the Animals) ”They [Animals Count] are pioneers and they realise that nine out of ten do not understand what they are doing,but fortunately, many people do not want to be nine out of ten anymore.”
Professor Robert Garner, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Leicester Professor Robert Garner, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Leicester “I was very interested to read about ‘Animals Count’. I wholeheartedly support it as a useful way of campaigning on animal issues.”
Richard_D_Ryder_in_The_Superior_Human_(2012) Dr Richard Ryder, psychologist and long-standing Council member of the RSPCA who coined the term speciesism in the 1970s (referring to the widely held belief that the human species is inherently superior to other species and so has rights or privileges that are denied to other sentient animals) “I wish Animals Count every success. With our first-past-the-post system of election here in the UK [they] will not get any candidate elected, but [they] could pressurise some of the other parties in closely-contested seats.”
Maria Daines, Musician Maria Daines, Musician ”Supporting Animals Count is a good idea, informative, important and fun!”
Jeffrey Masson, Best selling author Jeffrey Masson, Best selling author ”I heartily endorse what Animals Count is doing”
Benjamin CC Benjamin Zephaniah, Poet “Today’s political culture depends on how much money a party has and advertising.”
David Sztybel (Sociology instructor) David Sztybel (Sociology instructor) “Animals Count promises to bring Great Britain into a new era of concern for animals…”