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Become a member of Animal Welfare Party and help us in our vital work to win political representation for animals


If you’d like to see dedicated representatives for animals in the UK’s decision making bodies, please join our party today. We receive no government funding. Membership numbers and funds are absolutely crucial to our work and success.

There are now over 18 parties for animals around the world and several successes in winning political representation for animals have already been achieved – find out more at our Similar initiatives page.

Dedicated representation for Animals in the UK

The UK has a proud history of thought leadership in animal welfare but, although we like to think of ourselves as a nation of animal lovers, we’re lagging behind our European and Australian colleagues in winning political representation for animals. Your membership fee today will help us do vital work to start bridging that gap. If you’d like to help us speak up for animals in the political arena please join us today.

How AWP’s Membership Funds Are Spent

Membership fees are crucial income for AWP, allowing us to spread the word further about the need for dedicated representation for animals. Membership fees go directly towards our running costs – the more members and funds we have, the more effective we can be as advocates for animals. Our party is entirely run by volunteers and the only funds we receive come in the form of donations and membership fees from those who support our aims. We receive no other funding. And yet, promoting our existence and contesting elections can be very costly. In addition to election fee deposits, there are many other elements to running election campaigns that soon add up: leaflet printing, marketing and promotion, attendance at events, office / space, meeting room hire. These are the things that really help with exposure and keep our supporters galvanised. AWP has some of the lowest membership rates around for a UK political party. We keep our rates low so that most people who want to join are not excluded by price. If you can afford to donate more to our party after signing up or can make a regular standing order or payment, that would be a great help.

Becoming A Member: The Process

To join AWP please fill out the form below. After paying your membership fee, your membership will be processed. Within one month, you’ll receive a welcome email from AWP. Please note that, in order to keep membership fees as low as possible and to preserve the environment, we don’t post out ‘Welcome Packs’, as some organisations do and we don’t issue membership numbers.

Alternatively, our Paper Membership Form can be filled out and returned to us with a cheque.

Questions About Membership

If you have questions about your membership please do send us an email at the address below but please help our volunteers by not sending emails to this address that are about other issues. If you’d like to contact us about an issue other than membership, please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page. Unfortunately, emails sent to the membership email address that are not about membership will not be answered.

Please direct enquiries about membership only to:

We look forward to welcoming you as a member.

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Please take a moment to read our Constitution and Standing Orders  before joining. You may also wish to read through our Principles  which guide the development of each manifesto.

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