Barley Path

The Animal Welfare Party’s vision is of a fairer, more equitable and sustainable society for all.

Our Policies Include:

  • Improving human health, saving NHS funds, protecting the environment and global food security by promoting healthy plant-based diets
  • Phasing out farming practices and systems with poor welfare consequences for animals
  • Clear labelling of all products with information which allows consumers to make informed choices in line with their own principles on the environment, health, animal welfare and the social circumstances in which a product is produced
  • Phasing out animal experimentation with binding targets for reduction combined with proper funding & real support for alternatives
  • Increasing penalties for those convicted of animal abuse
  • Re-directing farming subsidies away from livestock and fisheries farming and into plant-based agriculture
  • Ending live animal export and reducing journey times for animals travelling to slaughter within the UK
  • Ending all slaughter without prior stunning
  • Independently monitored CCTV for all slaughterhouses
  • An end to Breed Specific Legislation, ‘puppy farms’, the sale of animals online and in retail stores and the exotic pet trade

Our 2017 General Election manifesto ‘For People, Animals and The Environment’ can be downloaded at the link below: 

AWP 2017 General Election Manifesto For People Animals and The Environment

If you represent an organisation and would like to make policy suggestions for future manifestos, please contact us at:

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Hudson.