2017 General Election Manifesto

AWP’s Key Policies for the 2017 General Election

  • Increase penalties for those convicted of animal abuse.
  • End the badger cull and oppose any repeal of the fox hunting ban.
  • Strengthen companion animal welfare with an end to breed specific legislation, the sale of animals online and in retail stores and the exotic pet trade.
  • Phase out farming practices and systems with poor welfare consequences for animals.
  • Improve human health, save NHS funds, protect the environment and global food security by promoting healthy plant-based diets.
  • Phase out animal experimentation with binding targets for reduction combined with proper funding & real support for alternatives.
  • Introduce independently monitored CCTV for all slaughterhouses.
  • End live animal export and all slaughter without prior stunning.
  • Oppose hard Brexit. Support a ratification referendum on the final exit deal.

AWP’s full 2017 General Election Manifesto ‘For People, Animals and The Environment’ can be downloaded at the link below:

AWP 2017 General Election Manifesto For People Animals and The Environment