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Thanks for your interest in Animal Welfare Party. Before you contact us, please read the below.

At present, our party is entirely run by a small number of volunteers. We put as much information about our party as we can on-line so that you can find out answers to your questions quickly.

Our resources are extremely stretched and we hope you will understand that we aim to put our volunteers’ time to the best possible use for animals. Having our volunteers answer questions that have already been answered elsewhere on the site or where the answers are already in the public domain does takes valuable time away from us being able to do other work for animals.

If you have a question about our party, please do first take a good look around our site to check that the information you’re looking for isn’t already available.

If you have questions about AWP policy and manifestos, please visit the ‘Vision’ section of our website. Here you can download copies of our 2009, 2010, 2014 and 2015 manifestos.

If your question is about membership of Animal Welfare Party, whether checking your membership status or if you have a query re. payment, please email our membership team:

If you have a media enquiry, please visit our media page.

If you have a question about animal rights, the law in the UK or other countries or culture / society in general, please consider whether the information might be available by a quick internet search.

Unfortunately, we must now ask that you only contact us using the form below if you are 100% certain that your question has not been answered elsewhere on the site or the information you’re looking for is not already in the public domain. 

We do receive a substantial amount of enquiries and, unfortunately, it can take a while for one of our volunteers to get back to you.

If, on receiving your enquiry, we see that the information or answer was readily available elsewhere, we will presume that you have already found it and will not answer. If your case is unique because, for example, you do not usually have internet access or use a computer, please mention this in your communication with us so that we are aware of this and can treat your enquiry differently.

Please bear in mind that the AWP volunteer answering your enquiry could be from any culture, background or of any religion. Any enquiries that are felt to be offensive, racist or sexist in nature won’t be responded to.

Our long term aim is to have full time staff able to respond to queries more swiftly. Funds from donations and membership will help us towards that goal – but we’re not there yet. If you’re in a position to donate or join us, please do.

And finally, a word on paper. As much as possible, AWP aims to be a paperless organisation. It’s quicker, more environmentally-friendly and cost effective for us to communicate electronically. If you don’t have access to email and you need to contact us by post, please use the address below. If there’s an email address and telephone number we can respond to you at,please include that in your letter.

Postal address:
Animal Welfare Party, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ