If you are interested in standing as a Candidate for Animal Welfare Party in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, please read on to find out more about our current candidate selection process.
Candidate selection is managed centrally. When there is an election coming up that we are planning to contest, we email all Full Members of the party to inform them and, if they live in the right area, invite them to fill out our ‘Expression of Interest Form’ (eligibility to stand in some elections depends on where you live).
AWP’s constitution does not permit Associate Members (those who are also Members of another party) to be candidates for our party in elections.
Young Members (those aged 15 plus) should note that the minimum age to stand as a candidate in many elections such as General Elections and Local Elections is 18 years old.
Filling out the Expression of Interest form involves answering questions about how long you have been a Full Member of AWP, what your experiences in animal and environmental advocacy have been to date, if you are already well known in your local community for any volunteering or campaigning, how familiar you are with our current policies and how much they align with your own beliefs, how comfortable you would be in certain election campaign scenarios and how much time you could spend on campaigning. Applicants are also required to record a video piece to camera and include a CV / resume with the application. Applications are reviewed centrally with some applicants then being invited to the next stage which is an interview.
Elections Coming Up 
Elections scheduled for May 2020 were cancelled.
The next elections that AWP is likely to focus on will be the London Assembly Elections, the Welsh Senedd Elections and the Scottish Parliament Elections all being held in May 2021 . These elections are all run under some form of proportional representation and so are of great interest to a small party like ours. Candidates in these elections stand on a ‘party list’ alongside other members of the party.
There are also local elections taking place in May 2021 but, since we are a small party run entirely by volunteers, it is possible we may not have the resources (human and financial) to take part in 2021 local elections alongside the two Assembly and Senedd elections. This is something we will be keeping under review.
It is highly likely that we will take part in local elections in 2022.

Current Vacancies

IT Manager 

Reporting to: Committee of National Officers

The role of the IT Manager is also key to the functioning of AWP. This is a voluntary (unpaid) role. Applicants must be full members of Animal Welfare Party. To find out more about becoming a member of AWP, please visit our Membership page.

The role can be operated mostly from home although the ability to attend occasional meetings in London (member meetings and / or working group meetings) would be preferred.

Estimated time needed per week:

• Administrative: average 1 to 2 hrs

• Strategy & development: Open (depending on availability)

For more information on key responsibilities and required skills please download the job description here: AWP IT Manager Job Description June 2018

Other positions
If you don’t see a suitable position above but are keen to be involved with what we are doing, please do take a look at our Volunteer page here.

If you feel you have useful skills or experience not covered above, please do send a cover letter and CV to Please do make sure your cover letter includes details such as your location and the amount of time you have available.

Many Thanks

The AWP Team