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Animal Welfare Party is part of a global movement recognising the rights of animals in the political arena.

There are now over 18 political parties for animals around the world and we aim to work together as much as possible. More information on other parties can be found below.


In 2014 AWP was delighted to become one of seven European animal welfare parties contesting the 2014 EU Parliament elections as the EuroAnimal7. Our group included the parties of the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Cyprus. Our shared goal was to return dedicated representatives for animals to the EU Parliament and we were delighted when the Dutch and German parties both achieved this, returning one representative each.

‘Partij voor de dieren’ – The Netherlands

Before coming to the UK Jasmijn de Boo, co-founder and former Leader of Animals Count, was actively involved in the successful Dutch ‘Party for the Animals’ (in Dutch ‘Partij voor de dieren’) and she was a candidate for the 2004 European Parliament elections.

The Dutch Party for the Animals has been the most successful animal protection party to date with:

5 members in the Dutch House of Representatives
2 members in the Dutch Senate
1 member in the European Parliament
Over 50 elected representatives at various levels of local government

PAN – Portugal

1 member in the Madeira Regional parliament
1 member in the Assembly of the Republic

PACMA – Spain

PACMA have enjoyed great electoral success in recent years and, if this continues, they appear to be on course to win at least one seat in the 2019 EU Parliament elections.

Partei Mensch, Umwelt, Tierschutz – Germany

1 member in the European Parliament

Djurens Parti – Sweden

Animal Party Cyprus – Cyprus

Parti Animaliste – France

Partito Animalista – Italy

Tierpartei – Switzerland

Suomen Eläinoikeuspuolue EOP – Finland

Other political parties for animals worldwide:

Hayvan Partisi – Turkey

Animal Justice Party – Australia

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) is an Australian party founded in 2009.

1 member in the New South Wales Upper House

Humane Party – USA

Animal Rights Party – USA

Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party – Canada

The Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada, founded in 2005.

Parti Ecologique Vegan / Vegan Environment Party – Canada

Trees Party – Taiwan