2009 EU manifesto


EU election leafletAnimals Count believes in a new kind of politics (a term we used before the media and incumbent MPs pretended to re-invent themselves) because the EU has reached its limits. Therefore we must take responsibility and set an example.

The sooner we demonstrate serious consideration for the most fundamental interests of animals, the more civilised our society will become. Animal abuse needs to end, and in the interim the very least animals deserve is appropriate husbandry and care.

Our vision:

  • Treating people, animals, and the environment with respect
  • Halting the destruction of the environment
  • Representing a shift in political thinking and action
  • Raising the bar for animals across politics
  • Encouraging Europe to set the example to the world

Our objectives:

  • Ensuring effective enforcement of all EU animal protection and environmental regulations.
  • Encouraging member states to take greater responsibility, and to exceed the minimum European standards, on animal protection issues.
  • Ensuring that the Treaty of Amsterdam (1997), that recognises animals as sentient (that is, feeling) beings, is properly implemented within European laws that respect and protect the interests of all animals.
  • Supporting improvements in animal care, continually raising standards to the point where animals are no longer regarded as property.
  • Tackling the serious, adverse consequences that the misuse of animals engenders for human health in Europe, for people in the developing world, for the economy, and the environment, as well as for the animals themselves.
  • Increasing transparent and democratic EU decision-making, in which public consultations and referenda play a greater role.

Our detailed policies fall into the following categories:

  • Ending harmful animal use
  • Implementing direct animal welfare improvements
  • Encouraging sustainable development activities that benefit the environment, animals and people
  • Supporting socially progressive policies on non-animal related issues

summary of our key policies within the following four chapters is below:

Our full manifesto can be downloaded here