2014 EU Elections

2014 EU Parliament Election

Animal Welfare Party was very pleased with the 21,092 votes we received in the London Electoral Region in the 2014 EU Parliament elections. This represents 0.96% of the vote. A huge thank you to all who supported our campaign.

Despite our result not being enough to win a seat in the EU Parliament this time, we were delighted that our Dutch and German counterparts, PvdD and Tierschutz Partei were both able to send dedicated representatives for animals back to the EU Parliament.

Pictured are Anja Hazekamp MEP of PvdD and Stefan Eck MEP of Tierschutz Partei who, for the first time ever, now represent animals there. The Euro Animal 7 really did make history!







The full results for the Euro Animal 7 in the 2014 EU Parliament Election are as below:

PvdD (NL) 4.22% 1 MEP
PAN (PT) 1.72%
Tierschutz (DE) 1.2% 1 MEP
PACMA (ES) 1.12%
AWP (UK) 0.96%
APC (CY) 0.88%
Djurens Parti (SE) TBC

To our own supporters, we would like to say a HUGE thank you for all your support during our campaign.