Halt Pigeon Cull in Dunbar, says Animal Welfare Party

Photo Credit: Railway bridge crossing Spott Road © Copyright Jthomas, Creative Commons Licence


Local campaigners from Animal Welfare Party are calling on East Lothian Council to halt a planned cull of pigeons in Dunbar.

The railway bridge on Spott Road and its resident wild pigeon population is the focus of attention from local people and wildlife groups after East Lothian councillors proposed to cull the pigeons and install anti-roosting bird netting under the bridge.

“The birds certainly shouldn’t be killed” said local resident and AWP Member, Kay Hamilton, Dowager …

AWP Committee of National Officers Re-elected at Online AGM

Animal Welfare Party’s Committee of National Officers were re-elected today during the party’s online Annual General Meeting.

Vanessa Hudson continues as the Party Leader.

Jane Smith continues as Deputy Leader.

Louise Cobham continues as Treasurer.

Jon Homan continues as Nominating Officer.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, the AGM was held online with an increased attendance on previous years.

The meeting reviewed the party’s activities over the past year and looked at potential activities for the year ahead which include the possibility of the party contesting the London Assembly, Scottish Parliament and Welsh …