Tweet Storm! Get involved to raise awareness and funds for AWP

Tweet Storm! Get involved to raise awareness and funds for AWP

It’s two months until the European Elections, and AWP is asking for your support.


Between 11am and 12 midday UK time on Sunday 23rd March, we urge you to set aside an hour to take part in our Tweet Storm. You can copy and paste, as many times as you can, a selection of tweets that we have pre-prepared, all using the same hashtag. You can also write your own tweets using the same hashtag.

Crucial funds are needed for leaflet printing, marketing and PR so we can spread word about our party as far and wide as possible by the 22nd of May – the date of the EU elections.

By flooding the Twittersphere with our messages, we can also raise awareness of our number one campaign message – animals deserve representation in our parliaments.

Taking part in the tweet storm is not complicated, even if you’ve never taken part in one before. The object is to get our chosen hashtag trending on Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter account yet you still have time to set one up and, regardless of the number of followers you have, your participation will still help towards our mission of getting our hashtag trending on the day.

You can take part in the tweet storm from a variety of places and anywhere in the world that has an internet connection – our campaign office in London, E2 (if you’d like to be near others doing it), you can do it from home, work, in a cafe, on the bus on your smartphone etc. But please be aware that you will need to set aside an hour for tweeting in order to give our tweet storm the best chance of being successful.

There are a few things to be aware of:

  • Please start exactly on time at 11am and finish by 12midday
  • Please don’t start early
  • Please send as many tweets as you can in the one hour
  • Retweeting won’t work so please DON’T use the re-tweet button – you must copy and paste or write your own tweets

The pastebin link below contains all our tweets in the best format for copying and pasting. We strongly advise you to visit the pastebin link to be assured of not having any formatting issues:

However, we will also be pasting all of the tweets into our facebook tweetstorm event page for those who find that an easier way to access information:

For those of you on Facebook, clicking to confirm you are attending the event above will allow others to see that you are attending the event and also for you to invite your friends. We do need as many people taking part as possible, so please do invite your friends and help to get this snowballing.

For those wishing to donate to our campaign now, please do visit the link below:

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Alex Lockwood is a writer, academic and vegan. He volunteers with AWP and manages the content on the site.

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  • Adrienne McSweeney says

    Please let me know how I can become involved. This is my lifes passion
    Best wishes

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