AWP Delighted to Welcome Dowager Duchess of Hamilton, Kay Hamilton as newest Member

AWP Delighted to Welcome Dowager Duchess of Hamilton, Kay Hamilton as newest Member

Animal Welfare Party is delighted to welcome the Dowager Duchess of Hamilton, Kay Hamilton, as the party’s newest member.

A longstanding and high-profile member of the SNP, the Dowager Duchess publicly resigned her SNP membership today and joined AWP, citing the SNP’s recent refusal to support a UK-wide ban on live animal exports, which she called “shameful”.

Animal Welfare Party has long campaigned for a total ban on live exports, as well as the minimisation of farmed animals’ journeys within the UK. On 14th June, as part of the global Live Exports Awareness Day, AWP members will be protesting in cities around the UK.

The Dowager Duchess has a long history of advocacy for animals, and is a patron of both Scotland for Animals and OneKind. She also founded Scottish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue in 1973.

Vanessa Hudson, leader of Animal Welfare Party, said: “We’re really thrilled to have Kay Hamilton on board as she’s a great example of sustained advocacy for animals. AWP has been working to strengthen its Scottish membership and campaigning against live exports is just one of many areas where we can help influence policy in Scotland with the support of our members.”

Animal Welfare Party stood for election for the first time in Scotland in 2016, gaining 0.7% of the vote in the Glasgow Region in the Scottish Parliament election.

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Animal Welfare Party is a UK political party for people, animals and the environment.

AWP’s policies are aimed at creating a fairer, more equitable and sustainable society in which the interests of the environment, people and animals are all taken into account.

The party was founded in 2006 and has contested 10 elections.

It is part of a global movement of over 19 political parties demanding a voice for animals in decision-making bodies.

In 2017 Animal Welfare Party gained its first-ever elected representative, town councillor Jane Smith in Alsager, Cheshire.

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"The Animal Welfare Party puts animal protection high on the political agenda. We offer policies than benefit people, animals and the environment. If you think it's time animals had dedicated representatives in the EU Parliament, please support us today". Vanessa Hudson, Leader, Animal Welfare Party

4 Comments on "AWP Delighted to Welcome Dowager Duchess of Hamilton, Kay Hamilton as newest Member"

  • Jane Smith says

    This is great news for AWP in Scotland … Kay Hamilton has been a tireless advocate for animals for decades. It’s also good to see someone who feels this strongly about the horror that is live exports – which are indeed shameful and a blight on our society.

  • Alison Kennedy says

    As a member of the AWP in Scotland I am delighted that Kay Hamilton has decided to join us.
    The live export of animals is a horrendous practice which has no place in a progressive and caring society and it is truly disgusting that the SNP has not agreed to back a UK ban on this. The SNP jump at every chance to go in the opposite direction from the UK government in every possible way. But to use the abuse of defenceless animals for political ends is truly unforgivable. Many voters who care about animals will recognise this.
    Dr Alison Kennedy

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