Badger Cull

The Animal Welfare Party is wholeheartedly against the pilot badger cull now taking place in  Somerset and Gloucestershire and is appalled by the horrific evidence of how, as predicted, many of these animals are suffering slow, agonising deaths. AWP firmly believes that such practices have no place in modern society.

AWP has long advocated for the alternative approach of vaccination, improved testing and better bio-security.

In August the party was proud to add its name to a statement prepared by the Badger Trust calling on the Government to stop the badger cull.  Signed by over one hundred celebrities, scientists, naturalists, veterinarians and leading animal welfare and conservation groups including Sir Roger Moore, Dame Judi Dench, Joanna Lumley, Brian Blessed, Martin Shaw, Anthony Head and Virginia McKenna OBE , the signatories asked the Government for its policy of killing to be abandoned and replaced with more scientifically credible, humane and effective solutions to tackling bovine TB (bTB).

The joint statement reads:

“We the undersigned ask the government to stop the badger cull and to implement instead the more sustainable and humane solution of vaccination, improved testing and better bio-security.”

In 2012,  Animals Count then veterinary spokesperson, Andrew Knight, PhD, CertAW, MRCVS, FOCAE  was one of six vets who signed a letter published in the UK journal Veterinary Record which expressed their oppositon to the UK government badger cull. Both this letter and a recent Veterinary Times letter can be veiwed at

The letter came in the same week that 30 of Britain’s foremost animal disease experts signed a letter, published in the Observer accusing ministers of not telling the truth and calling for an immediate abandonment of the cull.

AWP sincerely hopes that the Government will recognise the disaster that the current pilot cull has been for both badgers and farmers and will finally acknoweldge the huge weight of both public and scientific opinion against the cull.  Giving serious and responsible scientific consideration to the alternatives for controlling bovine TB is  now the Government’s duty and one it must not shirk from.